The campsite is for the use of tents and small campervans ( VW T series, Transits etc.).
I'm afraid I do not allow caravans or motorhomes.

Camp Fires
You are welcome to have fires at the campsite.  You can buy wood here, or bring your own. I recommend bringing a small axe.
NB: Please don't burn wood with nails or screws in. 
Please use an existing fire site where possible.
The stones on the farm are not suitable for use around the fire as they explode.

There is a stand pipe next to the compost loo.
The water on the farm comes from a spring , it has been UV filtered and tested to be fit for human consumption.

There are compost and long drop loos.  Please throw a handful of sawdust into the toilet, once you have finished.  The toilets are for human waste and toilet paper only.  

The compost loos have a pee separator in them.  Please try to avoid throwing loo paper and sawdust down them as they will block.  Its probably best to accompany small children to ensure they sit well back on the toilet for obvious reasons. 

The showers are gas and electric power showers. If there is a problem with them give me a call.  Please leave them as you found them.

My aim is to make the environmental footprint of the campsite as small as possible. Each pitch is provided with a recycling caddy in order to help you reduce your impact. They have three separate compartments:

Top - This is for food waste. A compostable bag is provided to the food waste in.

Middle - This is for mixed recycling, tins, cardboard and plastic bottles etc.

Bottom - This is for glass bottles.

A big plastic bag for non-recyclables is provided with the caddy.

At the end of your stay please return your caddy to the yard at the bottom of the campsite and empty it into the appropriate bins.

Dogs are welcome on the camp site, please make sure they are under control at all times. Please make sure you clean up after your dog. I recommend bringing a little shovel so you can hook any poo discreetly into the bottom of the hedge. If you must use little bags please dispose of them yourself, please DO NOT hang them in the hedges, leave them by the toilets or showers or put them in the compost loo. 

Getting Here
Most navigation apps recognise 'Brig's Farm' and will bring you to my gate. Its best not to use my postcode as it covers a large area so it isn't very accurate. If you get lost please give me a call, my neighbours do get a bit overwhelmed by constant enquiries especially at night. It is preferable that you get here before 9pm. Obviously traffic can hold you up and a late arrival is unavoidable in which case just give me a bell and let me know.


Please be mindful of noise, both for your fellow campers and my neighbours. It does feel remote here but I do have residential neighbours on all sides and the wind is pretty good at carrying sound a fair distance. I'm afraid to avoid misunderstandings amplified music is not permitted.

General Information
Bus stop: Charmouth heading west to Axminster/Exeter, or east to Dorchester.
Train Station: Axminster – London Waterloo – Exeter line. 
Nearest shop: Nisa Charmouth, open 7 – 9
Local Produce shop:  Felicity's farm shop, Morecombelake, A35 (web link)
Local surgery:  Charmouth Medical Practice 01297 560872,
Honiton Minor Injuries 01404 540540, 8am - 9pm
24 hour A & E Yeovil or Dorchester. 

The Farm
This is a working farm so please be aware that there may tractors and other machinery going about their business. For this reason please keep to the field that the camping area is in. There are also temporary dwellings on the holding that seasonal workers are residing in, please respect their privacy.